Bunny love

Finally got to see my auntie’s pet bunny last evening – isn’t he a cutie!

Can you believe he is toilet trained? So he gets to roam free around the house!

Say hello to Bebe!


Hello world

Hi everyone, it sure has been a while.

Hoping that with my snazzy new iPhone, the posts will come easier. So much has changed since my last post -living, dying, loving, hating. To greater and better things 🙂

Yes, We Dared To Move

Thursday evening on 31st January – after a very hurried dinner and one frantic car ride to Expo – there we were. Finally. THE SWITCHFOOT CONCERT!!!

They are one of the very few bands I still really admire. They were the stuff of my adolescent dreams and waking moments. And I knew I just had to go. Especially since I had buddy tickets that let me get up close and personal with front row seats… on the cheap! Thank you E.

It being a WMU production, there was the pre-requisite local band segment (support local music sial). Fire-whatever-flight, West Grand Boulevard, and some other band. I did give them a chance though, but personally, they seemed more interested in making sure that their flying kicks were high enough and their hair was in its rightful, indie place rather than making good, solid music. Maybe in another year or so it will be different. Like, when they grow up.

That totally changed when the lights went out and Switchfoot took over. After a rather tedious one and a half hour long local music segment, the crowd screaming in one united voice for the band they’ve been waiting for the entire night could not be any louder.

I loved that they concentrated the good ol’ favourites – like Meant to Live, Dare You to Move, Learning to Breathe, This is Your Life, and even Chem 6A – and intertwined them with newer hits like Oh! Gravity and Awakening. I think the younger crowd didn’t really remember anything that was older than Meant to Live, but the moment these songs came up, I remember I screwed my heels and jumped like I was 16 all over again. It brought back so many memories; like where I was when I first heard these songs, my young, sometimes naïve thoughts, and saw with hindsight the journey their music brought me on, and how their music and words played a role in moulding my life, who I am today.

Jon Foreman’s hair has definitely gotten a little longer, and I don’t really fancy the new members in the group. But I’m an old skool Switchfoot fan. Jon’s guitar skillz are still mad, and he’s definitely still a rockstar. You can hear an added U2 influence in their music, especially in their new song Awakening. I loved how he came down and mingled with the screaming crowd, how the people sang back the lyrics word for word to just about every song, how Jon crowd surfed and sang an entire song at the same time, held up only by the loving arms of a crowd of Switchfoot fans. How everyone kept silent when Jon sang a powerful On Fire solo that even made me shed a few tears.

What a rockstar. I still love you Jon. Here’s to more beautiful years with the most excellent Switchfoot music.

What A Difference Three Months Makes

Hi everyone, i know its been a really long time since my last post – and what better way to ring in the new year than on my birthday.

Oh my God, I’m twenty-friggin-eight years old.

Most people who haven’t blogged in a while usually resort to an incredibly long schpiel on what’s been happening in the last x months of their lives, but I thought I’d save you the agony and summarize my end 2007 in 5 short phrases:
– New phone (of the fruity nature from which I am lying comfortably in bed with and blogging on. Yes, be very jealous)
– New job (back to the west people!)
– New husband
– New baby
– New home

Yup, that about sums it up. Do read on if the last 3 points are causing you to suffer from a mild stroke!

No, the husband hasnt changed, but reality is about to kick in in about 6 more months! That’s when we officially tie the knot (or ball and chain – pick your favorite metaphor), and move into our swanky new pad, together with my two beloved guinea pigs and new baby toy poodle. All beings whom I love to bits.

I can’t believe how my life has changed, and how it will change in the next few months. Wish me luck as I become blushing bride, and hopefully not Bridezilla!

Chooks, Vegemite and Bob’s Your Uncle, Mate!

Rey and I absolutely LOVED our time in Australia a couple of weeks ago. Though we encountered the occasional grumpy, jealous weather (which we basically ignored), we were determined to enjoy ourselves while we were in Sydney and Melbourne.


Rey looking mightly content out and about at Mosman


We were lucky and got to see a fantabulous sunset, with a great view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the Opera House (not pictured)

The Three Sisters! (If you can’t tell, they are the three tiny peaks off to the left). They were ok, but I thought the entire landscape with the ridges and valleys were much more magnifique. The weather was bloody cold as well – I hope the aboriginals had warmer clothing than we did.


The really great view of the plateau at the Three Sisters… a huge overhanging cloud cast the perfect shadow.

Manly Beach! (And my willing muse with her cuppa coke)

We had a great fish and chips meal, followed by yummy gelato ice cream which we completely pigged out on.

Rey and I decided to get a better view of Darling Harbour and took a cruise off from Mosman Bay on their daily ferries, where we got a great view at sunset.

I have to be a tourist at least for a while… so here’s a shot of the famous harbour bridge

Sydney opera house

And the opera house’s famous stairway – which Rey claims he’s rollerbladed backwards on when he was 10 years old. (Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it)


The Opera Cafe & Bar – where many affluent Ozzies hang out after work during happy hour

Rey acting emo and oh-so-ubersexual

We then took a propeller plane ride over to Mount Hotham in Melbourne. I think this is the Sydney harbour, but given that I’m directionally challenged, I won’t guarantee this. It’s an amazing view nonetheless.


An aerial shot of Mount Hotham! We have more skiing pics, but it’s all on Rey’s camera so I’ll update that later.

After a 5 hour bus ride down the mountain and a good night’s rest. Rather than do the usual Singaporean discount shopping, we decided to rent a car, pick up Tienye over at Ballarat (!), and head out together to the Great Ocean Road, stopping by Lorne and Torquay for some good grub. That was a really great day.

Bells Beach – where the (crazy) pro surfers are hard at practice even though it was still the midst of winter. The waves were HUGE, at least 12 metres high, and looked like great fun. It’ll probably be the next sport I try out once my wrist and back get better.

And the highlight of my trip…

Tienye’s caravan! (And his highly reflective jacket.) I promised not to show any photos of the inside, so I won’t!

Pics of Melbourne City – it’s amazing how they managed to fit both road and rail in such a densly populated area. But definitely explains their crazy road rules! And the people in Melb are all super, super stylish with their sassy peacoats and lush woolwear. I felt like a poor little Chinese student with my converse sneakers and jeans!

More of Melbourne City. I found their road gradients a little steep – sort of like Seattle – and reminded me so much of my time there. This trip was fantastic and I would visit Oz again in a heartbeat!

Who Put Sour In Your Drink Today?

I find I’m getting more cynical about people as I get older. Sort of like the female version of the old men in Grumpy Old Men. But the funny thing is that it’s not with everyone, just certain groups and types of people. Heck, I’m in public relations and I am professionally capable of getting along with just about anyone. Trust me, I’ve put smiles on the faces of many a tech reporter, and as most PR people will tell you, that is a commendable feat in itself.

But with some people I don’t even bother trying.

I know it sounds terribly cocky and arrogant, but I’m being honest. I’ve had absolutely no idea why for the longest time, and then it hit me. Maybe it’s because in my line of work I meet with soooooooo many posers, the fact that I have to face more over the weekend just puts me off. And I don’t even want to poser back (if that makes any sense). All I want, after a hard day’s work, is to meet and hang out with some decent, sincere people, who are not afraid of just being themselves, and who are not trying to balloon themselves up to be someone they’re not.

Let me tell you something – your clothes don’t make you who you are. Neither do the restaurants you eat at or the clubs you hang out in. Or how many beers you (claim) you can drink.

Why is it so hard for people to be themselves?

I know it’s a strange question coming from a PR person, but at the end of the day, that’s all I really look out for – honest, sincere people. I literally smell fake a mile away. Why is sincerity that hard to find?

But I have to say, when I do find these people, they are real treasures that I don’t take for granted.

How much of you have you been today?

Three Shameless Things I Did Over The Weekend

1. Bought 5 pairs of shoes in 10 minutes. For you mathematicians out there (like me), that’s an average of 2 minutes per pair. All I can say was, the salesgirl looked more and more stunned as I pointed out the shoes I wanted from every. corner. of. that. shop.

2. Watched some seriously naughty Bollywood videos on YouTube. Brings new meaning to the phrase hoochie mama!

3. Bought a pair of sunglasses that looked exactly like what Paris and Nicole would wear. And yes, I am sad.